About ISU Alert

The ISU Alert system quickly notifies Iowa State University students, faculty and staff of potentially dangerous situations.

ISU Alert complements other forms of emergency notification, including warning sirens, public address announcements, the university homepage, personal communication and signage.

Iowa State University provides the ISU Alert service at no charge. Users who opt-in for text messages or calls to a cell phone may incur a fee, depending on their wireless provider.

      Alert messages

      ISU's Department of Public Safety initiates emergency notifications. Alert messages are sent from:

      • Email: ISU Alerts (isualerts@iastate.edu)
      • Text: 226787 or 67283
      • Phone: 515-294-4111
        • If the line is busy, ISU Alert will try two more times.
        • If the call goes to voicemail, ISU Alert will leave a message.
      • Note: Add these numbers to your contacts under "ISU Alert."


      • You will typically receive at least two messages via each of the notification methods you have specified: an initial alert informing you of the emergency; and subsequent messages with more information, and/or an "all clear" indicating the incident has been resolved.
      • Always check the Iowa State homepage for updates during an emergency.

      Sign up for alerts, update your information

      Iowa State students, faculty and staff may receive alerts via a phone call (cell or landline), text message and email. The information you provide is not shared or used for anything but the ISU Alert notification system.

      • Sign in to AccessPlus.
      • On the "Home" tab, click "ISU Alert" in the left navigation column.
      • Fill in the appropriate fields to receive alerts. 
        • Your ISU email is required to comply with federal mandates.
        • You are allowed one phone number for text and one phone number for voice messages.
        • Phone numbers with routing messages (for example, "Press 1 for John") will not receive alerts.
      • Delete the information in any field (or leave it blank) if you don't wish to receive one or more of the alerts.
      • Changes made to your notification information will take effect each evening (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

      Eligibility and troubleshooting

      Iowa State University students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive ISU Alert messages if on "active" status.

      You are on active status if:

      • Students: Enrolled in at least one ISU course for a semester, and at least one of the following:
        • 10 or fewer days prior to the start of enrolled semester
        • 7 or fewer days past the end of enrolled semester
        • Enrolled class is in session
        • Enrolled summer course in session
      • Faculty and staff: Currently employed
      • Temporary and student employees: Paid and within two months of last paycheck

      Parents, the general public, and inactive status students, faculty and staff should refer to the Iowa State homepage and social media channels for emergency updates.

            If you are not receiving alerts:

            • Check the Iowa State homepage for emergency updates.
            • If your status is "active":
            • If your status is "inactive," you are not eligible to receive alerts.