Receive alerts

Sign up for alerts, update your information

Iowa State students, faculty and staff may receive alerts via a phone call (cell or landline), text message and email. The information you provide is not shared or used for anything but the ISU Alert notification system.

  • Sign in to AccessPlus.
  • On the "Home" tab, click "ISU Alert" in the left navigation column.
  • Fill in the appropriate fields to receive alerts. 
    • Your ISU email is required to comply with federal mandates.
    • You are allowed one phone number for text and one phone number for voice messages.
    • Phone numbers with routing messages (for example, "Press 1 for John") will not receive alerts.
  • Delete the information in any field (or leave it blank) if you don't wish to receive one or more of the alerts.
  • Changes made to your notification information will take effect each evening (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).


Troubleshoot alerts

If you are not receiving alerts:

  • Check the Iowa State homepage for emergency updates.
  • If your status is "active":
  • If your status is "inactive," you are not eligible to receive alerts.